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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire a career coach for my child?


  • Save money on college costs.


  • Reduce the risk of costly college major changes.


  • Reduce the stress and anxiety associated with making a decision your student doesn’t feel prepared to make.


We find that most students struggle with picking a college major, in fact, two out of three report feeling overwhelmed by the process (even if they are not sharing that with you). Yet, it is simply because they don’t know how to think through and narrow the abundance of choices. A career coach can help you work through this process.




What is the difference between a career coach and other college planning coaches? 


  • College planning coaches (like SAT/ACT, essay writing and college admissions coaches) help students get into college.  


  • Career planning coaches help you solidify why you want (or don’t want) to go to college.

    • They also help you better enjoy your college experience by reducing the overwhelm and confusion around picking a career path and college major. 

    • You will be better prepared for a life after college by getting a head start on determining a career path. 




How can working with a career coach help with other college preparation activities? 


When we work together, you will learn to communicate how you’re wired, and why you do the things you do.


As a result of that, there are three things my clients seem to benefit from most with respect to:

  • Write your college essays in a language that feels very natural to you. 


  • Request personalized college admissions recommendations from your teachers & counselors.


  • Shape your career path and get jobs that energize you and make you happy! 




How does knowing your natural talents through the CliftonStrengths profile help you with college interviews and essays? 


The customized CliftonStrengths report plus my interpretation provides you with the language to explain who you are on your essays and why you are the best candidate for that college.  

It is also extremely helpful to explain your strengths and weaknesses in a job interview! 




Why should you think about a career path before choosing a major and a college? 


  • Spending time thinking about a career choice helps you gain clarity regarding why you want to go to college in the first place.  


  • A choice of major becomes much easier to pick based on the career path you choose. This also reduces the chance you will change your major multiple times while in college. 80% of students change majors 3x or more. 


  • By picking a college major, it may narrow the colleges you consider based on if the major is offered there.  


  • There are often additional scholarships available within a specific major or department at your chosen university. Clarity of purpose and being specific in your major can open doors to these additional scholarships.  




What will you get out of working with Lori? 


You will be able to:  

  • Identify (name), understand (claim) and use (aim) your natural talents. You choose to use your talents in both work and home life to energize you and make you happy! 


  • Narrow your career choices by aligning them with your interests, skills, and strengths. 


  • Learn the process you can use throughout your life to create a career path you will continue to thrive in. 



How does working with a career planning coach help save money on college education costs? 


Only 41% of students graduate from college in four years.


When a student goes to college with a career path in mind and a solid decision regarding a college major, they have a much better chance at graduating in four years versus the six years it is taking many students. 


Tuition will run about $22,000 per year on average plus another $10,000 for living expenses. Each additional year you take to graduate costs your family real money. 



How will working with a career coach help you get a job? 


  • 2/3 of college grads struggle to launch their careers.


  • 50% of recent grads regret their career choice of major and don’t know what to do with it.


  • 75% of students don’t know what to do with their major.


  • Students that have narrowed their choices regarding a career path and are sure of their college major have a much better chance of securing internships, graduating on time, and finding a job immediately out of college.  

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